Monday, June 4, 2012

Just Found An Amazing Art Lesson!

I was looking through my Homeschool Facebook Page and noticed one of my fellow Homeschool Moms had posted about an art project. I've already planned out my entire art curriculum for this coming year, but once I watched this video I knew I just had to add this guy into our art class! I may even use this as a summer learning activity. The videos are really short, sweet, and to the point, so I don't have to worry about my kids sitting in front of the computer for hours.

If your kids love to draw, you have GOT to go check out this website! Click Here!

The main video on how to draw monsters is absolutely phenomenal! My kids are all about monsters and zombies and other scary things that I find gross, haha, so this will be right up their alley!

Again, if you have even a small interest in art or have just the slightest urge to teach art to your children, you HAVE to go check this website out!! Click Here!!

Awesome Fitness Giveaway For You and Your Children

New Giveaway ~ Shaun T and the Fit Kids DVDs + Gift Certificate for Mom!

As a homeschooler, I often wonder if my kids are getting enough exercise. I don't do well in the heat {I hate the heat, actually}, so the idea of PE at home is not appealing to me ~ we live in The Sunshine State! This looks like it would be a fabulous fit for our family. I think even my toddler would have fun dancing to the music!

Independent Team Beachbody Coach, Melissa Hacker, believes in paying it forward while working hard to teach kids at a young age how important and fun "exercise" can be. Look at what Coach Melissa is giving away! Get 2 Totally Rad Workouts + Something for Mom!

Get your groove on with Shaun T and the Fit Kids, doing the Hustle, We're Cool, Body Jam, Wind & Toss, Bounce & Swipe, and Basketball. You'll be having so much fun, you'll forget you're exercising! (25 minutes)

Get funky, get healthy. Work it out every day for Shaun T and the Fit Kids! Shaun T shows you new steps like The Hey!, Snake It, Pound & Hop, Dust & Wave, and Smooth Groove. Learn the freshest moves and get in shape at the same time! (25 minutes)

Plus 3 FREE Bonuses!
Kid-friendly snack ideas that are healthy!
Guide to reading nutrition labels
Shaun T's Fit Kids Club wall poster to keep track of your workouts

Something for Mom!!
Coach Melissa didn't forget about moms! I don't know about you, but I could definatley use some "tools" to help me get in shape. I just had a birthday, and I am starting to realize I am not getting any younger, lol!

The winning mom will get a $50 Beachbody Gift Card that you can use to buy anything on her Team Beachbody website. I was browsing around and I found some things I would like to have: Body Gospel, Hip Hop Abs, INSANITY, and more!

Team Beachbody is your total health and fitness solution. Whether you're looking to lose weight, gain muscle, or just get healthy, Team Beachbody will provide all the motivation, information, and support you need. Team Beachbody has a solution for every fitness need. Whether you want to get totally ripped, slimmed down, or just be healthy and energetic, Team Beachbody has more than 30 products that are guaranteed to get you into the best shape of your life.
To register and learn more: Click Here

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Free Alternative and Renewable Energy Class

I know it's summer and most of you are through schooling for the year, as am I, but even during summer I am looking for cool things to learn and fun things that will keep my kids engaged in learning all year long so that when we start school back in August they haven't forgotten every single thing we learned the year before. I've found that if you add in just a little, and yes, I do mean a little, schooling at least once a week throughout the summer, kids seem to be more engaged and eager about a new school year. It seems like they think learning is natural now because we are always learning something new each and every day, even if it's just how to bake brownies. They start school and really, other than having all of our classes together, it's just a regular, everyday environment for them, because we do spend our summers reading or learning new things. Showing your children that learning is fun and exciting makes them much more eager to learn, and in my house, it's now a competition to see who's smarter than whom haha.

While on the subject of learning I found this free science class that is being offered and I just had to share it with all of you. I have attended several of this teacher's teleclasses and they are absolutely amazing! I even signed up for two more just today!

It is definitely worth taking a few minutes out of your day to watch these classes. The latest class is Alternative and Renewable Energy. It will be taught on Tuesday, June 5th. You have your choice between morning or afternoon class. With everyone focusing on the environment and pollution and the ozone layer, this is a nice way to teach your children. I've included the registration link below.

Register Here