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The great thing about homeschool curriculums is that you can pick and choose exactly what you want your children to learn, and how they learn. You can purchase an entire curriculum in a subject, you can purchase an entire unit study, or you can find completely free lesson plans and other teaching tools online.

Here is a list of some of the best homeschool sites I have found that have lesson plans, unit studies, as well as curriculum.

See The Light is an awesome website for art courses! They offer all of the below courses:

ART CLASS- 9DVD/36 lesson series

Bring Master Art Teacher Pat Knepley into your Home

* Step -by -Step Tutoring
* Integrated Art History & Biblical Truth
* Progressive Skill Building
* No Workbooks Ever – Only Basic Art Supplies

ART PROJECTS – Skills & Learning for Ages 10 +

Produce Your Own Masterpiece in 4 Step-by-Step Lessons with Pat Knepley

*Step-by-Step Tutoring
*Biblical Integration in every lesson
*Each project features an in-depth focus on the style of a famous artist
*Art Elements
*Art Principles
*Large Variety of media used


Explore the Bible through Hands-On Art

* Each DVD Bible story is brought to life by combining art, drama, and original music.,
* Children draw 3 step- by-step art lessons related to the Biblical story.,
* Use of mixed media - colored pencil, chalk pastels, watercolors, felt pens
* Every lesson features a ”Black Light” surprise
* Over 140 minutes of content on each DVD
* Bonus features include the Plan of Salvation and Art Commentaries
* Perfect for home/church/mission/VBS/camp
• Spanish language track included

Christian Plays is absolutely wonderful! My children love learning about the Bible, but sometimes I do feel them getting bored, even though I relate everything to teenage life. Christian Plays is a great way to get out of the daily routine of reading a Bible story, discussing the story, then moving on to the next story. The children, and even the parents if they want, can dress up and act out short Christian skits. It is definitely a way to get your children up and moving and excited about learning the Bible!

Human Anatomy and Physiology Course is a wonderful course for those at the high school level, or even if you have an advanced middle schooler. The course covers everything imaginable and is a great way to teach your children about Anatomy.

Math Lesson Planshas a wonderful selection of lesson plans for every grade level.
Math Board Gamesis a great website to get board games that teach math.
Secret Code Mathis a great site that makes math fun. Children don't even realize their learning.
How To Drawhas lots of drawing lesson plans to help your child begin, or improve, their love for art.
American Civil Warhas fantastic information on the American Civil War.
Math Without A Calculatoris one of my favorite sites! My children are learning how to do math WITHOUT a calculator all over again. It's great to watch them count with their fingers instead of with my phone calculator!
Math Riddle Worksheet Bookis one of my kids' favorites. Every math problem is put in the form of a riddle, so it takes their mind off of math and focusing more on the riddle, which in turn has helped their math scores tremendously!
Knowledge Questis an awesome, fun website with a ton of information!
Mathfoundation Online Math Coursesis great if you, yourself, struggle in math, especially in the higher grades. This site gives wonderful online courses that teach your child everything they need to know. Trust me, in my house, I'm learning as much as my children!
Quick And Easy Essay Writingis an awesome, awesome sight to get your children familiarized with essay writing. Every grade level has wonderful tips to help improve your child's essay writing skills.
Everyday Educationis a great site with a ton of useful education tools.
Easter Activitiesis a favorite for the holidays. You can create your entire Easter lesson plan just on this one site!
Super Science Fair Projectshas amazing science projects! If your child loves science, they will thoroughly enjoy these projects! If you have a child who's not that into science, this site will definitely get their interest up! Tons of fun stuff!
See The Light ShineI just had to add this site in again because I am so in love it! My 11 year old is a drawing fanatic and just this one site has enough courses and trainings to keep him occupied for the entire school year! What I love the most is the Christian based atmosphere. It's a way for my children to draw closer to God while still doing the things they love...drawing!

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