Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Art in Homeschool

One of the things I have found that most of us tend to overlook when we are designing our homeschools are art classes. My two boys loved art in public schools, but when I began creating my classes I was going to teach I never once thought about art. I loved art in school, and still love drawing and painting today, granted I'm no Van Gogh, but I still have fun with art.

Even though my school year is pretty much already planned out, I did decide to take at least two days a month and do some art projects with my kids. Normally on Fridays we have "test day" where we simply test on the things we have learned throughout the week. Normally when we finish testing I let them have the rest of the day off, or we will go on a field trip, but I decided that from now on I'm going to use at least two of those Fridays to introduce art. It's something I know my children enjoy so it won't bother them at all to spend an extra hour or so drawing or painting.

Once I began searching the Internet for homeschool art lesson plans and curriculums I came across a website that both my children and I fell in love with! You can do everything from simple art classes for the beginning artist, advanced art which is for ages 10 and up, and you can even incorporate Bible lessons into your art! I already have a Bible class so I plan on using the Bible art lessons as a part of my regular Bible class from time to time.

The website is See The Light Shine. There are literally hours and hours of art lessons you can choose from. You can even order your art materials through the website. Some of the lessons cover black light drawing, so if you know you need the fluorescent chalk and the black light to do the project, you simply order the materials while you're right there on the website!

I have yet to find any art related website that compares to See The Light Shine. You have DVD after DVD, you have music you can purchase, and like I said, you have hours and hours of different art projects you can do with your children. If you haven't checked out See The Light Shine yet, you definitely need to! Allow the inner child to come out in you as you and your child learn how to draw!

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