Monday, April 30, 2012

Homeschool Podcasts

This will show you how behind I am on the 21st century! Luckily you don't have to be a technological genius to homeschool! I was searching for some homeschool posters and various things to improve my "classroom" and came across several sites that have homeschool podcasts! Okay, I knew you could find a podcast on pretty much every topic imaginable, but homeschool, wow! It blew my mind the wealth of information these people are dishing out on a podcast, for free!!
While I haven't had time to listen to every single podcast on every single website, I will include the websites I feel are the most beneficial, especially for the new homeschoolers and those still debating on whether they should or shouldn't homeschool: has phenomenal podcasts. They cover everything from homeschooling styles to homeschooling high schoolers to celebrity homeschoolers! Definitely worth your time to listen to every single podcast!
The Homeschool Show also has fabulous podcasts. You will hear several interviews with Misty Spinelli, a homeschooling mom. She discusses how to get started, how to choose your curriculum, learning styles, and many other topics.

There are a ton of websites and podcasts on iTunes, both about homeschooling or any other topic you would like to research. Simply go to Google and type in your topic followed by podcast. For example, for locating homeschool podcasts I would go to Google and type "homeschool podcasts". To locate podcasts on iTunes you simply type in the topic you would like to learn about and a long list of audio, video, and podcasts come up.

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